The pioneering surgery of Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) was performed by Prof Dr Khalid Mahmood on November 30, 2014 at Lahore General Hospital. Since then Lahore General Hospital has emerged the only centre for movement disorder surgeries in Pakistan, both in public and private sectors. Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) surgery has become a routine operation at Lahore General Hospital. Over the last one year twenty patients of Parkinson's disease underwent DBS surgery at Lahore General Hospital. DBS surgery is being done at the same standards as that of western countries and yet the price is cheapest in the world.
Professor Dr Khalid Mahmood is Fellow of Royal College of Surgeons of Glasgow and is the only Neurosurgeon in Lahore who is Intercollegiate Board certified in Neurosurgery from four Royal colleges of Surgeons of United Kingdom and Ireland. He started his training in Neurosurgery in UK as senior house officer after FRCS in General surgery and entered into 7 years training rotation in world class Neurosurgery centers of England that took him to position of Senior Registrar. After final certification and being eligible to work as consultant Neurosurgeon in UK, he opted to return to Pakistan to serve his own people.Prof Khalid Mahmood was trained with Maudsley/Kings College Hospital London group for Epilepsy and movement disorder surgery. He further refined himself for DBS surgery by spending time at Academic Medical Centre Amsterdam and Wexner Medical Centre Ohio State University USA. He is now teaching and training as Professor of Neurosurgery Unit II & Principal Postgraduate  Medical  Institute / Ameer-ud- din  Medical  College  and CEO  Lahore General Hospital Lahore in Public Sector.Department of Neurosurgery General Hospital Lahore is the leader of Neurosurgery in Pakistan for more than 50 years and has contributed enormously to the development of Neurosurgery in Pakistan. This is the most prestigious and sought-after academic position in the country with the largest number of Neurosurgery trainees. Prof Khalid Mahmood has passion for Functional Neurosurgery, He revamped Lesional surgery for Parkinson’s disease in March 2012 at Lahore General Hospital by using VIM and GPi targets and cutting edge technology of MRI imaging, Leksell G frame, digital atlas, peroperative macrostimulation and cossman G4 Lesion Generator. First time in Pakistan, he started lesional surgery for dystonias in April 2013. In November 2014, he pioneered DBS surgery in Pakistan for Parkinson’s disease.
Our Mission
Our mission is to provide the state of art services for the surgical treatment of movement disorder patients which is at par with the international standards and is at affordable price. We are also striving to provide research and training facilities for movement disorders in the largest and most well equipped neurosciences centre in Pakistan at Lahore General Hospital.
Prof. Dr. Khalid Mahmood
Intercollegiate Board in Neurosurgery (UK)
Fellowship Neurosurgery The Ohio State University (USA)
Dr. Talha Abbas
MD FCPS Neurosurgery
Assistant Professor Neurosurgery
Professor Dr. Muhammad Naeem Kasuri
Former Professor of Neurology, King Edward Medical University/Mayo Hospital Lahore.
Professor Dr. Athar Javed
Chairman Neurology Department, King Edward Medical University/Mayo Hospital Lahore.
Assistant Professor Dr. Shahid Mukhtar
FCPS Neurology
Head of Department of Neurology, Lahore General Hospital, Lahore.
Professor Dr. Aftab Asif
Chairman, Department of Psychiatary and Behavioural Sciences, King Edward Medical University/Mayo Hospital Lahore.
Professor Dr. Altaf Qadir
FCSP Psychiatry
Head of Psychiatry Department, Lahore General Hospital, Lahore.
Ms. Um-e-Farwa
Neurophysiologist, Department of Neurology
  Lahore General Hospital, Lahore
Hafiz Syed Ijaz Ahmed Burq
Physiotherapist, Department of Physiotherapy
  Lahore General Hospital, Lahore


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Special Thanks
Dr. Shahid Mukhtar
(Head of Department of Neurology, Lahore General Hospital, Lahore)
DR. Talha Abbas, MD
(Assistant Professor Neurosurgery, Lahore General Hospital, Lahore)
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